Slim thicc girl

Media: Pencil, Clip Studio Paint Pro 1.8.8, Wacom Intuos Draw graphics tablet

This drawing was inspired by my previous one where I digitally inked a white skinned character with areas of solid black for her leather jacket and hair. I thought it would be fun to do the opposite, a black skinned character with white clothes.

As I tend to draw thin women I decided to try giving her a slim thicc body shape. That's slim on top, curvy below the waist.

Her hair is intentionally stylised. I love the way black women's hair can look when left naturally curly and with lots of volume.

I sketched the lines for this piece normally in pencil then scanned it and digitally inked it in Clip Studio. I basically drew her outline and filled it with black and then cut back into that for the white lines using the G-pen tool set to transparent line colour.

Slim thicc girl